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Maine Point Fender Covers

Maine Point Fender Covers

Our Fender Covers protect your topsides and dress up your boat at the same time. They are the answer to ‘scrubbing’ by Fleece Color Flowerplastic or rubber fenders. The heavy loft of the fabric will protect your hull from abrasion while enhancing the appearance of your boat. They also take care of that annoying squeaking that often happens when you raft up. Durable Polartec® and rugged construction make Maine Point Fender Covers long-lasting, a real necessity for any awl gripped hull.

Which fender do you want protecting YOUR boat?

Nautical Flag Embroidery Sampler
Personalize your cover with embroidery of a boat name starting at $10.00 more per cover. click here F.M.I.

The grommet is at the top of the fender and the drawstring is at the bottom. If you tie a knot in the line above the fender, please make sure it is above the cover so it does not pull against the grommet. The fabric is sun-sensitive and will fade. This does not affect the durability of the Polartec®.

Our Fender Covers are available in Colors: Navy, Winter White, Forest Green, Burgundy, Charcoal Grey*, Black, Toast

* Charcoal Grey is a heathered color and costs more. All Polartec® products made in Charcoal Grey will be priced higher than the stated prices. Please ask when ordering.

Standard sizes:

Standard Fender CoversFits 6” x 15” Fender $30.00
(Sorry we cannot embroider this small size)

Fits 8” x 20” Fender $40.00

Fits 10” x 27” Fender $45.00

Fits 12” x 34” Fender $55.00

We have many other patterns on file but if your fenders are not in our system, send us your fender and we will be happy to custom fit it for you. Priced appropriately.

When you order we will need to know brand and size of Fender.

If personalized embroidery is desired, we will need to know how they hang, font style and embroidery color.


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